The Heart of the Discovery Session is Visual Thinking 

The power of the XPLANE Discovery Session is that the more complex and challenging the information, the more our design approach helps clients get unstuck, get aligned, and reach their goals. That’s because the discovery session is where visual thinking, co-creation, and user-centered design come to life. The magic is simple: bring all the people with different voices and options into the same room, collaboratively explore the right questions, and then synthesize and focus in on the best solutions. 

Discovery sessions are intense, yet energizing - analog, yet completely modern. There are no presentations and projectors. We use paper, Sharpies, and Post-it notes to draw, write, organize, and understand. Everyone participates and everyone draws; everyone brings the ideas and explanations to life. The discovery session is clear evidence that seeing is believing, and that people promote what they help create. 


What to Expect – The Process

During discovery, XPLANE works with organizations to create a shared understanding of the project's goals, audiences, and story. Through this collaborative process, our mission is to help our clients clarify complexity, create alignment, drive action, and accelerate results.


A kick-off call with the XPLANE project team and client sponsor will allow XPLANE to plan the best approach for the discovery phase.

An XPLANE consultant will design a discovery process that suits the project’s needs and timetable, while encouraging open and positive discussions and enhancing group collaboration.

From the Client

Any supporting documents, research materials, and inputs that the client team has put together to help communicate the information that will be covered.

The Session

Participation of all team members, subject matter experts, and decision makers is critical during the session to ensure rapid ideation and accelerated results.

The Results

Walls covered in Post-it notes, stakeholder alignment, a co-created solution, accelerated results, and warm and fuzzy feelings with some high-fives.